"Hello John,

Just a quick thank you for your help. Best lesson I have had so far. I went straight to driving range and hit balls for a half hour or so. Big difference! More consistent with driver, getting some right to left going and swing seems much easier. Hope I can sustain it. Ive Booked another for two weeks time and maybe we can talk about clubs. Thanks again"

James Tuckerman


I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your help with my golf "swing". Before your lessons, i was seriously contemplating giving up the game because I was playing like a buffoon and not enjoying golf anymore. However, following your advice and instruction I have found renewed confidence in my swing and I am now enjoying the game again. Whilst I will never have the perfect golf swing (how you managed to keep a straight face during lesson 1 I will never know) my head believes I am playing well and that is probably half the battle. On a professional note, I have been a military flying instructor for some 25 years now. I think I am qualified to say that you possess the rare and admirable ability to pass on quite complex corrective advice in a manner that the basic student (i.e. me) can easily understand. When you combine this skill with your obvious enthusiasm for the game, I believe that you are the finest golf instructor that I have ever encountered and I recommend your golf lessons to all.
Two weeks ago I was on 13.4 and sweating on going up to 14. Notwithstanding, after forcing myself to heed your advice, I am now playing off 11.4!

Me, off 11, are you having a laugh!! - I have never contemplated playing off a H'cap of 11 and whilst I would like to claim the credit by saying that it was all down to me, I would be wrong - thank you and I am forever in your debt."

David Gallie

"I decided to take up golf a couple of years back and someone suggested it might be a good idea to have a few lessons. With extreme nervousness and trepidation I booked some lessons with John. It was the best thing I ever did, I really enjoy the lessons, they are worth every penny, and golf is now a major part of my life! John is incredibly patient, relaxed, friendly and encouraging and very flexible, and will work on whatever aspect of your golf you want help or advice with. Thanks to him I got my handicap and now we are working to reduce it!"

Barbara Caie

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